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The process of buying art remains highly subjective and unyielding to rules as the reasons for art buying are diverse. Some people buy it to satisfy their need for beauty and to decorate their living or working space while a select few buy it as an investment

Most people don’t approach the process of buying a painting as rationally as buying say a refrigerator even though they may pay the same amount of money for both. In case of buying a fridge they have a clear set of needs that they have to fulfill whereas the same needs are not so clear in case of a painting. The result is that buying art is probably more of an emotional process than a rational one. The emotional purchase can still be a satisfying one if we follow some very basic rules, the ones listed are just a guideline .You can add some of your own rules to the list to suit your buying pattern

1. Buy with your eyes open, get as much info as you can

However much you love the artwork and think that you will never find anything more ideal for your needs, do not let your own need blind you. Take time to read all the information provided, ask questions if important details are missing like the name of the artist, when was it created, the medium/material used etc

2. Stretch your budget only for very good reasons

One very familiar scenario while buying art is stretching the budget, when I bought those prints in USA I had started out with 100 US Dollar each in mind and ended at double the cost. The expensive lesson here is to set a budget and stretch it only for some very good reasons. Some very good reasons that qualify are that the piece completes a set with pieces that you already own or you like all the works of the artist and in your opinion the price seems like a bargain for its quality

3. Buy from a trusted source

I know I know you are going to frown at this one … How does one define a trusted art source? In this context I mean a dealer who has been recommended to you by a friend or a source widely reputed to be in the art business for some time. So I will amend it and say as far as possible buy from a trusted source.

4. Buy from a trusted source…even on vacation

Why is it that we end up buying art mostly when we are on vacation? Probably as we are relaxed enough to think of beautiful things and also if we are visiting a far off destination then art pieces seem to represent the perfect piece of the place to take back with us. Well I won’t ask you to resist the urge to buy art when you are on vacation but the rule to follow is that when buying in distant lands at least research the source you are buying from by asking friends who live there or your friendly hotel staff or any other local source of information available to you

5. Trust your own instincts

Rule No. 5 is a simple one but the most important; Have confidence in your own taste and rely on your unique art sense to guide you in buying pieces that will look good together. Ultimately your art collection is a reflection of your personal style and has to please you when you see it everyday in your living space

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