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 Name:  Eric M. Madrid   Birth Place:  Sorsogon City, Philippines Citizenship:  Filipino

   Height:  5' 8"    Fathers Name:  Henry M. Madrid   Mothers Name:  Teresita M. Madrid

My Sisters:  Noemie Madrid, Susan Madrid & Shella Francisco

Graduate:  Bachelor of Fine Arts / Bachelor of Science in Computer Science/ Programming


Sample Charcoal Drawing (my 2 Sisters in CANADA)

"I start make a drawing since when I  was in Grade School then seriously  I start making a simple paintings when i was in High School and that's the beginning of joining any Arts Competitions in any schools and compete to any Cities. I achieve more success and awards in my College Life. For now i am a member of a different Arts Club here in the Philippines. I am also making Computerized / Digital Arts such as for making Webpage Design, Photoshop Imaging, 2D/3D rendering and Graphic Animations. I am also working here as a Computer Technician as one of my other optional jobs. I  can do also  Printing T-Shirts, Tarpaulin Design,  Streamers, Banners and also Mural Paintings. "

"10-20% amount of per Painting I sold  will be donated to the Poor Children and I wish that someday I can build my own Art Gallery School so I can help those people who are interest to develop or enhance there skills in Arts. Please help  us to make this happen. I want to share what talents God's given to us."


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